Oriental Shorthair Siamese (SIA-ORI Faraon-Show cattery Don Sphynx (DSX)
Oriental Shorthair Siamese (SIA-ORI Don Sphynx (DSX)
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Our cattery is comparatevely a young one, everything began in 1997 on one of the shows in my city. There I saw a wonderful cat - red mackerel oriental - Sheridan iz Polosatogo Legiona - and fell in love with him and this breed forever. This wonderful cat became my talisman.
In 1998 in our home we welcomed his girlfriend - Salambo Lambada, chocolate silver spotted ORI.

Together they had 5 litters. Not much, but I don't let my cats mate more than twice a year.
The most famous of their kids, is - Boromir Faraon-Show.

Not long ago, last spring, we had a fire in our house, Sheridan and Salambo, and their last litter were killed in the fire.My heart was tearing apart. But people say: "The cats took the worst to them..." (No one from the family was hirt)
That is why my cats are not only my beloved pets, they are members of my family and more to say - my Angels...

But after this tragedy my cattery didn't die, because I was not alone. My friends - members of the cattery were with me.
Stekliannikova Elena, her oriental male Ahenoton Faraon-Show and pair of wonderful Cornish Rexes.
Burkina Alina with Guana Faraon-Show.
And my mother - Svetlana, who takes care of Don Sphinx section in the cattery.

And I ... I'm still with the orientals and only with them.
In June 2004 in my house one could once again hear their voices. It was a new pair from the En Tenere's Cattery. (Germany)
Our cattery lives, develops and grows wonderful kittens.
All kittens are vacinated and are sold not earlier than 3 months.


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